The Bounty of Spring- Abundant Blossoms | Elysian Studios

The Bounty of Spring- Abundant Blossoms

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blogger-image-1215723641-8940405 blogger-image-611447909-9004416 blogger-image-360152026-6143055 7084440187_7ac86a279f-8541552 6919307408_e131df5755-6115286 6938386380_6536cbed9f-7356660 I have continued to enjoy photographing with my iPhone- especially capturing the fleeting beauty of Spring blooms. I am also experimenting with Instagram and blogging on the go (which has some glitches but great potential!)

I hope you are enjoying a gorgeous Spring, and have a very Happy Easter!

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Colors Of Spring Blog Hop- Pantone Palette 2012 | Elysian Studios


Welcome to the Colors of  Spring  Blog Hop!

Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime is hosting this fun hop that challenged 23 designers to create jewelry inspired by Pantone’s Spring 2012 Color Palette. We each purchased a set of hand-enameled ceramic beads in one of the ten colors, and then Sally sent us a  second surprise color to make the challenge even more interesting.

My color was “Solar Power” and my complementary color was “Tangerine Tango.”  I immediately thought of the beach: the brilliant yellow sun complimented by bright pops of color from beach umbrellas, bathing suits and beach balls, and the warm golden, shimmering colors of sand and shells.

I had been wanting to try my hand at micro-macrame, and this seemed the perfect necklace to showcase this technique. I coupled multiple strands of micro-macramed size 6 seed beads with simple strands of size 11 seed beads. This creates a beautiful texture and softness that wire-linking or simple stringing can’t replicate.  Though finishing the piece was technically challenging, I successfully secured all of the strands with wire guards and crimp covers for durability.  I am so excited to show you!


Ebook Review:Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook | Elysian Studios


Are you interested in self-publishing? Do you have a unique crafty topic you’d love to share with others and earn some extra income?

I have the great pleasure of reviewing a new Ebook, “Write, Publish, & Sell Your Crafty Ebook” by Diane Gilleland.  This Ebook is a very helpful and thorough guide to get you started in the production of your own digital book.

In case you aren’t familiar with Diane, she is the brilliant creator of CraftyPod, where she hosts an inspiring blog and podcast, and offers informational classes and Ebooks to educate modern crafters on the endless possibilities of our contemporary digital age. I have participated in several of Diane’s courses, including the “Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook Online Class.”  Diane consistently delivers detailed information in a well-organized and easy to understand fashion.  I was thrilled to learn she had authored an Ebook on the topic of self-publishing Ebooks!


Who is this book for and what does it offer?

This book is perfect for someone who already has some writing and technical skills and is interested in writing an art or craft related book.  You don’t need to know what your Ebook will be about, though it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a general idea.  Diane does a fabulous job of explaining what an Ebook is, in all of its potential forms.  You don’t need to know all of this before you read her book. However, you do need to know how to write instructional text, and have a basic knowledge of photography and how to create digital documents.  Diane explains the best tools to use to create your Ebook, from software to online hosting resources.  It is also helpful if you already have a bit of an established online presence, but Diane explains all of your marketing options very well.

“Write, Publish & Sell Your Crafty Ebook” astutely outlines all of the steps needed to create your Ebook. Diane guides the reader through evaluating the idea, creating the digital files of the book, calculating costs, hosting, selling and marketing the Ebook.  Throughout the book are helpful links, resources and printable worksheets.


How can you use this book to reach your self-publishing goals?

First, this Ebook reads beautifully on your computer or iPad.  It has full-color photographs and graphs that emphasize the lessons in each particular chapter. From the table of contents, you can simply click on the section of the book you want to read and jump directly to it.  The book includes many hyperlinks to the resources cited, which is extremely helpful during your writing process.

The entire book is formatted in such a way that it is easily printable for offline reading, or you can simply print the particular pages you need, such as the worksheets.  You can also transfer the Ebook between devices, since it is in PDF format.  I have it on my computer, but I also moved it to my Kindle for portable reading.  Though the print is smaller because Kindle doesn’t have better controls for reading PDF’s, I still found it helpful to have access to this book while I was on the go!

Overall, I think this is a highly valuable book to have, and is very reasonable in price (only $29.95).  It offers tremendous guidance and resources for self-publishing your own Ebook.  It is written in a very friendly and informative voice, which is typical for Diane.  “Write, Publish, & Sell Your Own Crafty Ebook” is wonderful on its own, or to complement Diane’s online class. Click here to buy your very own copy!

Are you a fan of Ebooks? Do you have dreams of writing and publishing your own?  I know I do! Did you find this review helpful? I’d love to hear from you!