Introducing a new Elysian Studios | Elysian Studios

Saying “Goodbye” to the old

and “Hello” to the new…

I believe an art business should be a living, breathing endeavor that continually displays new growth.

Just as a tree reaches taller to the sky, with roots extending deeper into the ground so it may produce more luscious fruit, an art studio should show evidence of similar transformation and maturity.

Elysian Studios is growing through this type of change.  Having launched this business in 2009, I’ve guided it through its infant stages, offering many different products and types of content to see what would provide the greatest value to my customers and to discover what I am most passionate about.  As always, I am ever grateful to the people who have supported my efforts to pursue a career in the arts.  Whether it’s been leaving a comment, buying beads, handmade jewelry, small note cards or a painting, I simply could not be here without you.  I am incredibly excited to present to you the new changes I’ve been busy working on!

Introducing the new Elysian Studios logo:


I have moved my website to a new provider, who has already demonstrated better service and more customized options for Elysian Studios.  I am focusing the products offered by my studio to provide the best original art and service to my clients, so I’m saying goodbye to some of the products I have offered since Elysian Studios’ inception, most notably my handmade art jewelry.  Though I thoroughly enjoy designing and creating jewelry, it requires a great deal of resources that distract me from my true passion…oil painting.

To document another milestone in Elysian Studios’ journey, here’s a screenshot of my previous website for posterity:

Old www.ElysianStudiosArt.com website ©2013

New www.ElysianStudiosArt.com website ©2014

For the time being, I will still have original paintings and art jewelry in the Elysian Studios Etsy Shop. Going forward, I will continue to offer prints and note cards in my Fine Art America Shop, and I am starting to collaborate with other companies to offer my art on custom products that are just perfect for unique gifts.  I am also excited to share that Elysian Studios will now be offering custom matting and framing services.  If you are buying a new piece of art or you have a treasured piece already in your collection, getting it displayed beautifully on the wall is very important!  My unique experience in custom framing allows me to offer custom, budget-friendly solutions, and I am excited to be offering this service to my clients.

Exploring new techniques, subjects and pushing my art in new directions will continue to be a passion of mine.  Writing about my inspirations, projects, events, and all things art-related will be the focus of my blog and email newsletter.

My blog will be relocating from blog.elysianstudiosart.com to elysianstudiosart.com/new-blog and will now be published directly on my website instead of through Blogger.   The old blog will remain here, because there are quite a few posts that continue to be popular, but the new blog will focus directly on fine art, art collecting, art history and my work.


Exciting things are on the horizon for Elysian Studios!  Check out my new About Page, sign up for the Elysian Studios Newsletter, and connect with me on social media (links on the bottom of this page).