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Boho Beach:*50%OFF* A Handcrafted Jewelry Collection | Elysian Studios

Boho Beach:*50%OFF* A Handcrafted Jewelry Collection

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Featuring serene colors of aqua and teal complimented by warm, sandy hues of khaki, gold and brilliant orange, Boho Beach is a collection styled to provide an artsy-bohemian element to your wardrobe. 

All pieces are handmade and one-of-a-kind. 

Elysian Studios guarantees 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

“Boho BeachStar”


The BeachStar is a beautiful three-stranded hand beaded and embellished necklace.  Gemstone chips of Goldstone sparkle against lampworked glass beads in cerulean, white and khaki.  The striking fused glass starfish focal is complemented by boho-styled strands of natural suede lace.  Carnelian faceted rounds, Crystazzi pearls in cream, transparent brown glass rounds, and antiqued copper tubes finish the beaded strands. 

A copper clasp closes the necklace in the back, and wire guards have been used to ensure durability.  This necklace measures 12 inches from the clasp to the bottom of the star focal, and 16 inches from the clasp to the end of the longest suede lace.

Price: $140.00  Now: $70.00

“Boho BeachGlass” 6008966857_e58081d2b5-2524977

Boho BeachGlass will glitter everyday with its handmade links of looped copper wire and deep aqua glass.  It is finished with handmade copper links and clasp, creating a very durable design.  This choker style necklace measures 10 inches from the back clasp to the front center.

Price: $100.00  Now: $50.00

“BeachGlass Earrings”


BeachGlass Earrings: Light blue glass beads* are hand-wrapped in copper wire loops to create unique earrings that have a 1 1/2 inch drop.  They are finished with copper ear wires.

*please note that the color of the glass beads in the earrings is different than the color of the beads in the BeachGlass necklace.  This color coordinates nicely with the “Elements” pieces. 
Price: $30.00  Now: $15.00

“Elements (The Key to My Heart)”


The Key to My Heart features a lovely handmade polymer clay focal with a three-dimensional key on the face, and the words “TO MY HEART” on the reverse.  The focal is 1 in high x 2 in wide.  Beads of light green and aqua glass are complemented by genuine shell nuggets, lampworked glass and rounds that resemble carved bone.  These are hand-knotted on natural 1mm leather cord and finished with a handmade, hammered copper clasp.  The necklace has a 10 1/2 inch drape from the back of the clasp to the bottom of the key focal.

Price: $80.00  
Now: $40.00

“Elements Earrings”

Elements Earrings:  Go simple, yet boho, with these handmade earrings featuring beads that resemble carved bone.  Hand-knotted 1mm natural leather lace is finished with rustic brass beads and Vintaj french ear wires.  They have a 2 1/4 in drop.

Price: $24.00  Now: $12.00

“Elements Bracelet”

 Elements Bracelet wraps your wrist in the soft pastel colors of the beach.  Genuine shell nuggets in pink and gray are surrounded by copper seed beads, green and aqua glass beads, a striped lampworked round, a sand-colored clay bead, and a cream bead resembling carved bone.  The bracelet is finished with copper wire guards for durability and a handmade, hammered copper clasp.

No Longer Available

“Butterfly Beach Breezes”


Butterfly Beach Breezes is a very special piece, and one of my favorites in this collection!  The ceramic teal and gold focal (1 in. x 2 in.) is handmade by MaryAnn Carroll, as well as the coordinating accent beads.  The 1 1/2 in. toggle clasp is handmade by Erin Fickert-Rowland from copper polymer clay, using the mica shift technique, and shimmers beautifully in the light. 

Beads of yellow jade and copper complement the design, and a copper butterfly is wrapped onto the focal, providing a delightful element of whimsy.  Copper chain and handmade silk cord in cream finish the piece.  The necklace has a 14 inch drape from the back of the clasp to the bottom of the focal.

Price: $120.00  Now: $60.00

“Beach Breezes Earrings”

Butterfly Beach Breezes Earrings coordinate perfectly with the necklace, and feature the beautiful ceramic rounds of MaryAnn Carroll.  Hand-linked on antiqued copper ball-tipped headpins, these beautiful teal and gold beads are complemented by antiqued copper rounds and yellow jade rounds with copper bead caps.  Finished with antiqued copper ear wires, these earrings have a 2 1/4 in drop.

Price: $40.00  Now: $20.00

Eternal Boho Beach”


Eternal Boho Beach is truly the star of this collection.  Featuring extensive hand-linking, gemstones and a show-stopping design, this statement piece is sure to make it’s wearer feel gorgeous.  Two beaded strands of Citrine gemstone chips, carnelian nuggets, fire-polished czech glass, and Swarovski crystals interlace and are complemented by linked dangles of lampworked glass and wooden disc beads.

The focal is a Vintaj Eternity ring with five clustered, hand-linked dangles that showcase the beautiful beads featured in the entire necklace design.  The piece is finished with wire guards for durability, a Vintaj clasp, many Vintaj flower spacer beads and jump rings, and exclusively uses Vintaj headpins and eyepins for linking.   The necklace has a 14 inch drape from the back clasp to the bottom of the focal.  The focal measures 1 in. wide x 4 1/2 in. long.
Price: $220.00  Now: $110.00
“Eternal Boho Earrings”

Eternal Boho Beach earrings are dramatic, yet fun, and feature all Vintaj brass components.  Beads of topaz fire-polished czech glass, brown faceted glass rondelles and teal Swarovski crystals are hand-linked and hang artfully from 15mm jump rings.  The earrings have a 2 1/4 in. drop and are finished with Vintaj French ear wires.

No Longer Available


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Featured Artist: Joe Higgins | Elysian Studios

Featured Artist: Joe Higgins

Categories: Featured Artist


“Emily Dickinson sought an identity in a society that offered few choices- mother, person of faith- to women.  Dickinson rejected the revivalists and rarely left her room, where she met God, the Devil and the details of meaning and poetic space on her own terms.”

-Joe Higgins

“Alone I Can Not Be” original Monotype by Joe Higgins

I had the great pleasure of viewing “Emily Dickinson, Unplugged” last weekend at Zip 37 Gallery in The Navajo Street Art District.  This solo show by Monotype Artist, Joe Higgins, is an aesthetic adventure into the poetry of famed recluse Emily Dickinson.

Poignantly graphic and stark in color, Joe’s newest body of work is a compelling visual tribute to Emily’s beautiful writing and tragic solitude.  Verses and phrases of her poetry provide the creative spark to his imagery.  Her obsession with love, death, writing and the choice to remain cut off from the outside world is conveyed in the stark lines, isolated figures and muted colors of Joe’s Monotypes.

“Transmission” original Monotype by Joe Higgins

I particularly love this piece, titled “Transmission,” which explores the idea of Communication.  Thoughts quietly handwritten at a desk transmit ideas from the author.  But do they stay there? Are they confined within the house or building where they are written, or are they transmitted and dispersed across other lines of communication, like telephones, and the internet?  And how long does it take for the ideas to transmit from one place to the other, and what venue has greater weight?  

I find it fascinating that Joe decreases the scale of the elements that traditionally have more power.  A sturdy telephone pole looks like a child’s plaything next to a cold, closed house that shows no sign of love or affection on top of the strong, bold desk- the only source of warmth and heat in the image.

“Study” original Monotype by Joe Higgins, Collection of Erin Fickert-Rowland

I was also fond of this little piece, which I couldn’t resist bringing home with me!  I love the calm, quiet grey swaths of color, and the dynamic inky lines that compose the chair.  Joe uses the image of the simple desk chair often in his work, so I felt this piece was indicative of his style.

You can learn more about the process of making Monotypes by taking a workshop with Joe Higgins at the Denver Art Student’s League.  He also writes about his process and shows on his blog “Squishtoid”, where “it’s squish or be squished!”


Joe Higgins’ work can be seen regularly at Zip 37 Gallery in the Lower Highlands neighborhood of Denver.  His solo show runs through August 21, 2001.  Joe also braves the elements and can be found at many outdoor Art Festivals in Colorado, including Salida, Boulder and Denver.  He is a very active member of the Denver art community and has a promising career ahead of him!

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Risk Your Creativity: RSVP For One | Elysian Studios

photo by C. G. P. Grey via Flickr

Ever had the opportunity to attend an event, but found yourself without a date?

Recently, I was invited to attend the opening reception for the Butterfly Pavilion’s Annual Photo Contest.  It was on a weeknight, and school had just started.  The boys had sports practice after school, and it couldn’t be rescheduled.  I would have loved to share an evening of dinner and cocktails with my husband, but someone had to stay with the children.

What to do? Skip it, or just go?

I told myself, “Just Go!”

Photo by andrewrennie via Flickr

When negotiating with myself about what to do, I began to weigh the pros and cons.  I would have a chance to be a part of an event that recognized local photographers (pro).  I would have a chance to connect and outreach to people that have similar interests (pro).  There would be free admission to see the butterflies (pro).  There would be free food and cocktails (pro).  I will have to miss the boys’ practice (con). I will have to go by myself (con)?

I had everything to gain and would only lose seeing one practice in addition to spending a little awkward time by myself.  You know what I thought? “I’m not really that unpleasant to be around! I think I can handle hanging out with myself for a few hours.  I’d either meet a few new interesting people or just take my phone and notebook and enjoy some quiet time to jot down a few ideas.” 

As creatives, we have to take risks.

Image by Southern Arkansas University via Flickr

If you are starting your own business, like me, don’t miss an opportunity just because you don’t have the “buffer” of another person to attend an event with you!  What’s wrong with a quiet evening out by yourself to simply enjoy people and receive a little appreciation for something you’ve done?  Put yourself out there!

If you rely on someone else’s schedule to be free, you may miss out on a great chance to spread the word about your business, or make connections with other great people.  You don’t have to show up and be the life of the party.  Don’t be afraid to say a few friendly hellos, answer questions when they are asked, or just stand quietly with a smile on your face.  There’s a lot to be gained just by listening to a crowd of people!

Image by Scoobyfoo via Flickr

Take Risks. Don’t be afraid to go alone.

Sometimes that even means just submitting an entry to a contest you know nothing about.  Maybe you know your piece won’t win or be selected.  Enter anyway. 

“Spread Your Wings” original photo by Erin Fickert-Rowland

Submit the best work you have at that moment, and learn about the process. I wasn’t prepared with an exotic photograph of an interesting bug out in the wild, which is what they were looking for. My best shot was from the Butterfly Pavilion itself. If I didn’t submit it, however, I wouldn’t have been invited to attend the reception.

I am thrilled to say I had a great evening sharing “oohs” and “ahhs” with complete strangers over some pretty amazing photographs!  I was also able to spend a few moments with the beautiful butterflies fluttering around, and even saw one hatch from its cocoon!

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