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New Endeavors: Please Pardon Our Mess!

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Image by DanaGraves via Flickr

Under Construction….

Image by UncleDave981 via Flickr

“Hello” (tap, tap, tap) “Is this thing on?” she says to the snoring Puggle on her left.

“For all of our Elysian Studios fans out there, we just want to let you know that our blog will be undergoing some changes. We are working on a new design that will be more user friendly for our audience! It’s very exciting to think about our blog becoming more of an online magazine, where readers can easily navigate to the topics they are interested in.”

“We will still be covering a wide variety of subjects, all related to Fine Art, Craft and Family.  We hope to grow our readership by providing more useful articles in a more interactive  format.  Blogging is no fun without some conversation, so please comment and let us know what you like and what we can work on.  We love to support other bloggers and artisans so feel free to share with us the cool stuff you’re doing!”

“We have fun articles planned for February, but will also be working through some kinks with the new format.  A new challenge is always fun though!”

“Are you done? I am ready for a treat…”

“Yes… I think they’re cool with it.  Let’s get to work!”

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