Month: September 2010

Elysian Studios: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

I discovered this book, made into a movie, yesterday when I was spending my morning reading my favorite blogs.  Charley Parker, author of the wonderful blog linesandcolors,  displayed some animation stills from the movie, which I found fascinating.  I had never heard of the book, and was greatly disappointed when I realized our library does not own a copy.  Finally, I searched YouTube today and found this 10 minute video which is actually the book in stop animation form! The artwork in “The Lost Thing” reminds me of Joan Miro’s “Harlequin’s Carnival”.  Miro is one of my favorite abstract artists, who created both paintings of bold color and line, and images like this one of fantastical scenes with shapes, lines and colors that look like they are playing at recess! 

I invite you to grab a soothing beverage and a snack, and enjoy this calm, whimsical story of a little boy who finds something a bit out of the ordinary one day!


Elysian Studios: The Lost Thing: Movie Trailer

I hope you had the chance to see the video of the book “The Lost Thing” by Shaun Tan in my earlier post, because it gives more insight into the heart behind this quirky film.  However, I also want to share the trailer, so please enjoy this quick glimpse into this award-winning film.



Elysian Studios: Featured Artist: Visual Punctuation

Wrapped Wire and Bead choker by Visual Punctuation

Visual Punctuation offers unique woven bead cuff bracelets and elegant wire wrapped chokers that always make a statement. I own several pieces and receive adoring comments every time I wear them. I am featuring this wonderful ETSY shop on Elysian Studios this week, and took some time to catch up with the owner, and my dear friend, Liz Naikelis. Elysian:”Visual Punctuation is a fabulous name, how did you come up with it?” Visual Punc:”A friend of mine was in a business meeting where the phrase “visual punctuation” was being thrown around.  She said the phrase made her think of how it is when I walk into the room.  She knows me from my working girl days when I used to dress to the nines.  I don’t think my current attire of yoga pants and tee shirt is anything to get too worked up about!”

Woven Bead Cuff by Visual Punctuation

Elysian: “What is your background, and why did you decide to make jewelry?” Visual Punc: “I have a degree in fashion design, and am now freelancing after several years of working for other designers.  I really don’t know how I decided to make these bracelets.  I just bought a bead loom one day, to learn something new and pass the time, and this is what I came up with.  Originally I wanted to do beaded purses, but it wouldn’t be feasible time/cost wise.  I am working on developing some credit card holders.” Elysian: “How long does it take to make one of your pieces?” Visual Punc: “The bead loom pieces (which sell for about $90) take about six hours to make.  After designing the piece, you have to weave the beads, weave in the ends, and finally hand sew it to a piece of ultra suede.  My wire wrapped pieces take several hours, and are beads strung on wire and wrapped around a metal base.”

Beaded Cuff Bracelet $90

Elysian: “What are your ETSY favorites right now?” Visual Punc: “Vintage ceramic birds, decorative wooden frames, hand-painted silk scarves, and mod plates!” Elysian: “What music is playing in the studio these days?”

Visual Punc: “Frightened Rabbit, Edward Sharpe, The Mountain Goats, and Broadway Soundtracks “

Beaded Cuff Bracelet by Visual Punctuation $125

One quality that really sets these pieces apart is their craftsmanship.  I wear my cuff and choker frequently and there has never been an issue with the integrity of construction.  The ultra suede on the underside of my bracelet is so soft and it fits around my wrist wonderfully-no twisting or sliding around!  Both the cuff and choker are easy to get on and off since they have no clasps to fumble with. I look forward to acquiring more pieces in the future! 

Beaded Cuff Bracelet by Visual Punctuation $90

Please stop by and visit Liz’s wonderful shop, Visual Punctuation.  She has 100% positive feedback and a large inventory to choose from.  Currently, there are no wire wrapped pieces available, as they are being shown to a retailer who has carried her creations before!