Elysian Studios: The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

I discovered this book, made into a movie, yesterday when I was spending my morning reading my favorite blogs.  Charley Parker, author of the wonderful blog linesandcolors,  displayed some animation stills from the movie, which I found fascinating.  I had never heard of the book, and was greatly disappointed when I realized our library does not own a copy.  Finally, I searched YouTube today and found this 10 minute video which is actually the book in stop animation form! The artwork in “The Lost Thing” reminds me of Joan Miro’s “Harlequin’s Carnival”.  Miro is one of my favorite abstract artists, who created both paintings of bold color and line, and images like this one of fantastical scenes with shapes, lines and colors that look like they are playing at recess! 

I invite you to grab a soothing beverage and a snack, and enjoy this calm, whimsical story of a little boy who finds something a bit out of the ordinary one day!