Caught on Instagram: A Long Winter Goodbye | Elysian Studios


Our family lives for snow days from November through the first of April.  There’s nothing like playing in a wonderland of brilliant white snow.  Of course, we also enjoy the cozy warmth of home, and relish any excuse to stay cuddled in our pj’s for the day.

That is the promise of winter.  Soft, quiet mornings with coffee in the studio.  Blanketed movie evenings with popcorn in front of the fire.  Winter provides time to be together, time to slow down, and time to think.


Our “Spring” breaks often occur in the Rocky Mountains, where we hope to be surrounded by feet of snow, as we are tightly bundled in our gear and floating down the slopes on our snowboards.  This year, we were treated to brilliant bluebird skies, as well as feet of freshly fallen powdered sugar snow.


We took advantage of all of that soft, cushiony snow to adventure farther up the mountain than ever before!

Here we are as we were making our way down from the highest ski lift in North America (the Imperial Express at Breckenridge):


Winter is enjoying it’s very last moments in Colorado,  and we are excitedly welcoming the warmth and color of a new season.

(But it is STILL snowing….)


Despite the persistent snow, spring is sprouting!  Tender shoots of green can be found peeking up from the ground.


The sun was shining bright and warm today, beckoning the sleepy trees to “Wake up!”


Teeny, tiny buds are starting to promise a show of spring blossoms.

But they aren’t ready yet.


Lush and verdant, the vivid spring carpet of green begins to overtake the dead brown of winter and the icy remains of its final snows.


The home and garden stores now have racks and racks of beautiful green, and color-filled flowering plants waiting just a bit for slightly warmer weather.  Soon gardeners like myself will be searching for the perfect new additions to our garden and landscape.

But it’s not quite time yet.


So we’ll dream a bit longer about balmy breezes, colorful blooms, and digging in the soft earth to nurture more life in the garden.

It’s almost here, but not quite yet.

Until then….


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How is Spring sprouting where you live?