Artists Helping Artists Silent Auction | Elysian Studios

One Silver and White Marbled Bird with Gold and Green Leaf Neck Garland (approx. 20mm x 27mm)

Set of Three Green and Gold Rounds

Starting Bid: $10.00

Handmade Polymer Clay Bead Set #3:

One White Bird with Red and White Neck Garland (approx. 18mm x 31mm)

One Red and White Marbled Bird (approx. 20mm x 22mm)

One Green and Gold Marbled Bird (approx. 13mm x 20mm)


Starting Bid: $10.00

“Little Zen” Handmade Ornament:

Hand-stitched Fabric with Handmade Beads, Hand-Linked Necklace and “Elysian Studios” Label


Starting Bid: $10.00

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Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Many people auctioned items to help out! Visit these other artists below to see their items!