Color Inspirations: March {Visions of Viridian} | Elysian Studios

Color Inspirations: March {Visions of Viridian}

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First Image: wool yarn, Kamilla Alnes, smoky eyes, succulents

Second Image: swarovski ring, Atonement dress, ferns, green interior

Third Image:  Bells of Ireland,  lush woodland, vintage thread

Fourth Image: Italian garden, kiwi cooler, happy Hawaiian, Irish cake

I know I am not alone in finding myself wishing for the brown earth to start sprouting little sprigs of luscious green! This is the color of life, vitality and growth.  It can inhabit such a lovely variety of hues and texture from mossy foliage to hard emerald gemstones or liquid viridian silk.  I am inspired to add pops of this color to my wardrobe, and dreaming of the day I can feel the lush grass squidge between my bare toes!

How does green inspire you?

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