The Artful Life: 10 Crafty Tips to Boost a Child's Self-Confidence and Improve Academic Performance: #10 | Elysian Studios

The Artful Life: 10 Crafty Tips to Boost a Child’s Self-Confidence and Improve Academic Performance: #10

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As parents, we strive to help our children grow up to be healthy, productive adults. Times are changing faster than ever, and parents are working harder to make ends meet. With constant introduction to new technology, as individuals and as a family, we have more choices than we’ve ever had before. So how do we stay focused and ensure we give our children the best upbringing possible? In this series we will share some tips we have found that help children develop a positive self image, and encourage success in the classroom.

#10: Hire Them

There’s no better way to learn how to manage money than when you actually have some, and the best way to get money is to earn it.  Though their primary needs should be taken care of by the family, how can kids earn some extra cash for those bonus treats they tend to pine for?  Hire them.  Chores are fine employ: “feeding pets”, “cleaning room,” “taking out trash,” “dishes,” etc. We also think it is great to pay them for a skill they have developed on their own.  For example: one of our sons loves to draw comic books.  We enjoy reading them and have agreed to purchase newly created comics (though it has to pass a certain level of standards). 

Our younger son loves to color.  I needed help coloring designs for an Elysian Studios project, and I agreed to pay him to help me develop color schemes.  It actually worked out quite well!  We also currently have a standing order for a new video to add to the blog, like the one in Tip #9. 

If you own your own business, is there something your children could do to be a part of that success?  Is there something your kids are extremely talented in which you would be willing to pay them a little to produce a new “product”? 

Nothing makes you feel better than when you have been rewarded for your talent.  Being able to save up for your own purchase with your own money creates a wonderful feeling of self-sufficiency.  Learning how money works is an exercise in mathematics your children will use for the rest of their lives.  This is also an excellent way to prepare them for having a career, where pay is a result of a service or product you have provided to your employer/customer.

What are some creative ways your children have earned extra money?

We’ve reached Tip #10!  We hope this has provided a few interesting ways to encourage your children to believe in themselves and succeed in school.

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